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Dr. Dougherty's specialities includes a wide range of surgeries. He performs the most advanced minimally invasive hip arthroscopy, where he developed the equipment to perform the surgery for 2 other companies.


Dr. Dougherty is one of the first surgeons in the world to graft cartilage into the hip through an arthroscope, as well as provides in office arthroscopy and ultra sound to aid patients in lowering cost. With regenerative medicine and revision arthroscopies, he is able to fix prior failed surgeries, including astiomoties (cutting and reshaping of bones).

A list of Dr. Dougherty's surgeries includes: all inside menicus repairs, hip arthroscopies, rotation medical rotator cuff repairs, all reconstructions, multiligament reconstructions, cartilage transplants including meniscus transplants, all arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs, arthroscopic distil bicep repairs, ankle arthroscopy, and elbow arthroscopy including Tommy John repairs, to name a few.